Half-way through 2022 already!  Where has the time gone?  Even though it has gone by quickly, a lot has happened this year already, and if I think of the last two years…WOW!  Just WOW!  Many know events that have happened in my personal life, but I wonder how well people really understand what has happened in my work life.  I write that word “work” with a smile on my face because I now play more than work, but rest assured that I have put in the hours.  The difference now is that almost no stress is added to those hours.  I have worked on my own schedule, learned a lot quickly, and applied what I have learned.  Now I am learning more about marketing myself.  I want to better share what I do so I can serve you and those know. 

Since retiring in 2018 from full-time teaching as a special educator in the public school system, I have enjoyed teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) online to children across the world.  However, there is more.  That more is that I have become a solopreneur.  Up until 2020, I had not even heard of that word.  I had only ever heard of entrepreneur, and I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant.  Now I am.  I am excited to share what I have learned.

Most of what I have learned has come from a wonderful group led by an amazing woman, Katie Hornor.  I came across her, or more accurately, God placed her in front of me on my FB screen.  She was talking about business as a way of serving.  I wouldn’t have been as interested or even available for all she had to teach me and our group before I had retired from full-time teaching.  God’s timing was everything.  I had just begun six months before as an online ESL teacher.  I was also tutoring and wanting to build that business.  I had gone through terrible losses in 2020, and I was ready to fill my time and mind with something positive. 

Since then, I established my business and have made a profit, but I have learned to use that profit in a few ways.  The more income I make, the more impact I can have by teaching, serving, and giving to others.  I have literally learned to make more (and I have) by loving what I do and by becoming more available.  I am still learning to market myself.  I mean, think about it, some people attend college for four years or longer to learn about business and marketing, but I have already learned so much in two years through Katie’s online programs and through her books.  Katie Hornor will be releasing her new book, Flamingo Marketing, in July, and I highly recommend it.  Learn what it means to be the CEO of the business God has gifted to you.  Learn what it means to truly serve, not just sell.  Learn what is unique about you and how you can use those traits to do the work you were created to do.

I cannot say enough about the changes that have come about in my life and finances and how I spend my time enjoying what I do.  What exactly is that?  Well, I have not yet found one tiny niche.  I wear many hats.  To bring them all together, I created an umbrella service business.  I chose the name Wonder and Grace Life Coaching because I choose to see the wonder in the world and to give myself and others grace as best I can.  Grace and forgiveness are Biblical principles by which I choose to live daily.  One part of the umbrella is life coaching.  As a life coach, I help anyone who needs an active listener, a strong shoulder, and a word of encouragement.  I also help those who need an accountability partner.  I offer ideas, and I help people find solutions that will work for them.  With a Master’s in Counseling degree, Christian Counseling training, and many personal challenging life experiences of which I have overcome, I can pull from my multi-faceted toolbox to help those who are feeling confused or stuck or depressed or lost.  The area nearest and dearest to my heart is the one in which I help those who have suffered loss, especially of a child.  I am proud of the strength I have demonstrated and the faith I have relied upon relating to the loss of my own daughter.  As a “Grief to Life” Coach, I do my best to support others who are also hurting.  I encourage perseverance to go on to still see joy in the world and to serve, as God has a special purpose for each of us. 

A second part of the umbrella is that of an Independent Certified OPTAVIA Coach.  One’s body, mind, and finances are so important, and I add that the spirit is important as well.  I understand the struggle with a healthy body weight, but no matter where I am myself, I can help others since I do know so much from having lost weight myself and from being certified by OPTAVIA in partnership with the MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education (COPE) & M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing at Villanova University.  From Katie’s teachings and as she has written in her book, I remember that it is about “progress, not perfection.”

Finally, when I wrote that I play now more than work, that is the truth.  As a teacher of English as a Second Language to children around the world, I play, act, sing and dance daily.  I am an independent and international contractor who does most of my work with VIPKid but who also teaches privately.  In addition, I teach children reading, writing and math locally and anywhere online.  I love that God has given me this gift and opportunity, and I love that I laugh again each time I teach a child.  They teach me too.  They give me hope for this world.

When I do not have as much hope, I have learned to always go back to the truth.  What does God say?  This idea is also highlighted in Flamingo Marketing.  Again, I suggest you read Katie Hornor’s new book.  I also ask that you talk to me if there is any way that I can serve you or someone you know.  I love to talk about what I do, but I really love hearing from others.  Talk to me…

Flamingo Marketing: How to Leverage Unique, Stay Relevant and Change the World by Katie Hornor

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